Hi Babes! My name is Amanda! I was born and raised in Brazil but have lived in Milwaukee since 2016. I am currently an Assistant/Stylist here at Elle & Co. and am loving every second of it!

When I was trying to decide what path to take after coming to the states, I considered many options. Cosmetology felt right to me so I decided to go for it! Lucky for me, I fell in love with it! I can’t see myself doing anything else.

I feel so grateful for all of the opportunities I’ve had in this industry so far. I’m especially thankful to be part of the Elle & Co. team. I get to connect with so many people from different parts of the world while behind the chair and the best part is that I get to make them feel happy and confident. I am so ready to continue to learn more and to see you in my chair in the future!

1) I am a morning person! I love getting up early, sitting in the sun, and enjoying a cup of coffee to start my day.

2) I speak Portuguese as my first language and English as my second language.

3) My favorite thing to do is travel! Being free and open to learning new things excites me :) 



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