Well hello there babes!

I’m Katie, the front desk managing machine at Elle & Co. If you call, text, email or slide into our DMs, you’ll most likely be chatting with me! 

I’ve built up my skills in a variety of roles and industries that continue leading me back to the world of beauty. I believe empowering people, especially us women, to look and feel our best is so important. It helps us pay it forward in the many roles we take on in life. I can tell you from experience, nobody empowers others more than the Elle and Co. babes!

When I’m not behind the computer, you can usually find me behind the camera. I love images for two reasons. One, I am nostalgic and totally in my feelings. Two, I think in this day and age, images can help show the world your beautiful, authentic self. Let’s capture the fun moments and create the lives we want to lead!

1) I have a beautiful baby King Charles spaniel named Honeybee who loves to go on long walks and snuggle me.

2) Did I mention I like to dance? Yeah...like all the time 

3) I have a hard time not smiling!



 I'm not a stylist, but if you need to get ahold of the salon or have any other questions,
text/call 262-665-7702



hey you!